Your partner for Contemporary Interior Design

Karen M, Falls Church, VA

“I appreciate your hard work and patience!  I'm delighted with everything we've done so far.  We came

home Thursday morning and were stunned at the transformation of the Master Bedroom.   It is beautiful!  Even John said "we" did a great job.  So, a very special thank you from both of us.” 11/13

Linda W, Bethesda, MD

“I had a wonderful experience working with Beth on redecorating my living room.  Beth had very clever ideas on color, lighting and layout. She really listened to my own ideas.”  She knew of great resources for finding the right furniture and ingenious solutions for well-priced built-in units.    She was very good with color and style and helped me choose paint colors for the rest of my house as well.  I had a very ambitious schedule for completing the room and Beth was extremely responsive and eager to make it come together in time. Perhaps most importantly, she really listened to my own ideas. I now love my living room.”
Lois M, Rockville, MD
​“The kitchen is nearly done --- and everything looks great. THANK YOU so much for designing this.
The layout is perfect for the space… and everyone loves it. We have agreed that doing this was the right approach.” 10/13